Nagellacksammlung Cosmantha


Lotus Effects 96G

Lotus Effects 46Q

Lotus Effects 57R

Double Loop 214

Double Loop 218

Double Loop 217

Summer of love 420

Quick Dry 52B

Quick Dry 59G

Quick Dry 84

Quick Dry 710T

Quick Dry 610W

Quick Dry 412

Quick Dry Fluo 1

Quick Dry Fluo 112

Quick Dry Fluo 110

Quick Dry Fluo 14

Quick Dry Fluo 215

Quick Dry Fluo 416

Total Quick Dry Fluo 218

Total Quick Dry Fluo 219

Aqua Pearls 116

Super Quick Dry 96

Super Quick Dry 416

Dark Spirit 314

Dark Spirit 315

All in one 210

Travel Size 417

Collection 69F

Collection 78K

Fluo Club 214

Fluo Club 223

Modepilot Blogger Edition 08M

Fluo Club Top Coat 1

Fluo Top Coat 1

Pro Shine Glitzerlack

M & Buffalo 35L

M & Buffalo 69G

M & Buffalo 87J

M & Buffalo 78J

Crazy Colours LE 300

Ultra Quarz

Super Quick Dry 98

Naughty Nails 78V

Liquid Metals LE 65Z





Lovely Feet

Supernova LE 02 Rising Star

Supernova LE 03 Lacque Hole





Punk Purple


Coat Azure

720 Turquoise & Caicos

Topless & Barefoot

Good as Gold

557 China Doll


Mirror Metallics LE „Nothing else metals“











Gleaming Gold

Matte Grey cement

Matte Black as night

Matte Inky Blue

Matte violetta

Matte Red velvet

Luce lavender

Vivid violet

Violetta sparkle


Range of rose

Nail experts Nude

Change artist Shimmering red

Speeddry+ Bronzess

Speeddry+ Rose amour

Speeddry+ Strawberry

Speeddry+ Red wine

Speeddry+ Ballerina

Speeddry+ Sateen

Speeddry+ Modern mauve

Speeddry+ smoky plumes

Speeddry+ don’t be jaded

Speeddry+ city navy

Nailwear pro Cosmic blue

Nailwear pro orchid splash

Nailwear pro Real red

Nailwear pro Naked Truth

Nailwear pro Sequined turquoise

Nailwear pro berry shimmer

Nailwear pro Star

Nailwear pro Noir emerald

Nailwear pro Viva Pink

Nailwear pro Blue Shock

Nailwear pro Midnight Plum

Nailwear pro Coral Reef

Nailwear pro Deluxe Chocolate

Nailwear pro Rose gold

Nailwear pro Fuchsia Fun

Nailwear pro+ Golden Vision

Nailwear pro+ Starry Sky

Nailwear pro+ Chilling Teal

Nailwear pro+ Arctic Waters

Nailwear pro+ Green Goddess

Nailwear pro+ Midnight Green

Nailwear pro+ Inspired Iris

Nailwear pro+ Pounted Peony

Nailwear pro+ forget-me-not blue

Nailwear pro+ blue water lilies

Nailwear pro+ garden green

Color Trend Surf

Color Trend Powdery Mauve

Color Trend Minimalistic Peach

Color Trend Party Girl

Color Trend Blue morph

Color Trend Bikini

Color Trend Fuchsia Dazzle

Color Trend Silver Plated

Color Trend Gold Flecked

Color Trend Freezing

Color Trend Dusty Pink

Color Trend Lovely Lilac

Color Trend Flash

Color Trend Café au lait

Color Trend Peekaboo

Color Trend Soft Violet

Color Trend Blue Royale

Color Trend Fuchsia Feel

Mosaic effects red lava

Mosaic effects gold glimmer


NEO Geisha C03 Madam Butterfly

NEO Geisha C01 Discreet Artist

NEO Geisha C04 Dance in Gion

NEONaturals LE C05 Have a good day

NEONaturals LE C06 On the bright Side of Life

Papagena LE C04 Bird of Paradise

Papagena LE C03 Amazonian

Papagena LE C02 Welcome to the jungle

Papagena LE C01 Enter the Undergrowth

Enter Wonderland LE C01 Forbidden Apple

Enter Wonderland LE C02 Lavenderlicious

Cruise Couture LE C01 Hi, Society!

Cruise Couture LE C02 Jetsetter

Cruise Couture LE C03 Welcome to pink tropez

Hollywood’s fabulous 40ties LE C02 Holly Rose Wood

FeMALE LE C02 Nude

FeMALE LE C03 Who are blue?

FeMALE LE C04 So Suit!

Revoltaire LE C05 Mission Lilac

Revoltaire LE C01 Innocent Toxin

Urban Baroque LE C03 Princess & Ballerina

Urban Baroque LE C02 Rock Barock

Urban Baroque LE C01 Pearls & Chains

Bohemia LE C02 Bring me terra copper!

Bohemia LE C01 Yes, you tan!

Floralista LE C04 Walk in the woods

Floralista LE C01 Pink Spring

Floralista LE C02 Coral’s enchanted garden

Glamourama LE C03 Times Square at midnight

Upper WILDside C01 Be Aztec!

Upper WILDside C05 Red Rocks

Nymphelia LE C01 Be Pool

Big City Life LE 2012 C02 San Francisco

SpectaculART LE C04 Soulful

SpectaculART LE C01 Artfully Lustrous

SpectaculART LE Gold leaf top coat

Cucuba LE C03 Salsa Cubana

Cucuba LE C01 Sunny Side

Million Styles LE C05 Return of Space Cowboys

Million STyles LE C08 Have an ice day

Nude Sensation Coral Pink

Ultimate Nudes 010 Dance like a prima ballerina

Ultimate Nudes 090 Karl Says très chic

Ultimate Nudes 060 Mona Lisa is staring back

09 Hugo Moss

010 Don’t feed the birds

13 Shopping Day At Bluemingdales

16 George Blueney

34 Squeeze Me

040 Princess for a day

060 Bloody Mary to go

080 Let’s talk about Berrie!

090 The devil wears red

110 Poison me, poison you!

120 Plum play with me

140 Let’s mauve on!

140 Let’s mauve on!

150 Big spender wanted!

160 Sweets for my sweets

180 Hot or not?

200 From Dusk to Dawn

210 Just Married

220 Lost in Mud

230 Clay-ton, My hero

240 Sold out for ever

250 I sea you!

280 London’s weather forecast

290 My best friend’s Tiara

300 Be my Millionaire

370 Just Berried!

380 Forget-me-not

390 Easy peasy, lemon sqzeezy

420 Dirty berry

440 I wear my sunglasses at night

450 Sand Francisco

460 In the Bronx

490 Iron Mermaiden

510 Bye, bye birdy!

520 Apropos Apricot

530 Up in the air

550 Marilyn & me

600 After Eight

620 Captain Sparrow’s Boat

630 Sing: Hey, Dirty-Lilah!

640 Grey’s Kelly

650 Goldfinger

670 It’s Rambo No. 5

680 Khaki Perry

720 Bruno Brownani

740 King of Greens

770 Put Lavender on agenda

780 Welcome to Roosywood

800 Heavy Metallilac

860 Browno Mars

870 Copper Cabana

890 How I matt your mother

900 Steel my heart

905 Steel my soul


Ship Ahoi LE Anchors aweigh! Gold Tip

Hello sunshine! LE 020 Orchid

Miss French LE 020 Japanese cherry

Fly me to the moon LE 030 Turquoise Galaxy

Fly me to the moon LE 020 Blue Galaxy

Keep the secret LE 040 Powerful emerald

Deep water love LE 020 green lagoon

Deep water love LE 040 rosy coral

Deep water love LE 010 Purple sky

Mission summer  look LE 040 Honolulu Juicer

Into Lace LE 010 Sensuality

Into Lace LE Lust

Spices & herbs LE 020 basil

Spices & herbs LE 010 Anise

Glamorous Finish 030 let’s dance!

Pearl Crackling 010 Violet fusion

Make up Parade LE 010 Groovy finish

Glamorous Finish holo top coat 040 Just fantastic!

last forever 070 charming secret

Color victim 014 Heartbeat

Color victim 015 Gracious

Color victim 169 electric

Color victim 170 crazy

Color victim 580 funky

Triple Power Nailpolish Nr. 042


224 Dark Pearly Copper

259 Blue flamed orchid

262 Violet Blue

268 Lime Green

277 Blueberry Glitter

298 Turquoise Microglitter

303 Beige Chrome

333 Brilliant Blue

374 Pearly Chocolate Noir

388 Caribbean Green

392 Jungle Green

Holographic 399 Silk Taupe

Holographic 400 Steel Grey

Holographic 401 Peacock Green

Holographic 402 Jewel Pink

Glitter Nail Lacquer 403 Peony Party

Glitter Nail Lacquer 405 Bold Red

Glitter Nail Lacquer 406 Surreal Magenta

Glitter Nail Lacquer 407 Starry Indigo

Glitter Nail Lacquer 408 Chemical Purple

Satin Nail Lacquer 409 Fancy Orange

Satin Nail Lacquer 410 Mellow Red

Satin Nail Lacquer 411 Queen Mauve

Satin Nail Lacquer 412 Glamorous Taupe

Satin Nail Lacquer 413 Frivolous Pink

Satin Nail Lacquer 414 Cryptic Purple

Satin Nail Lacquer 415 Utopian Blue

Satin Nail Lacquer 416 Enigma Green

Celebration 426 Satin Taupe

Mirror 621 Violet

Mirror 622 Wisteria

Mirror 625 Emerald

Mirror 626 Lawn Green

Mirror 629 Copper

Mirror 630 Golden Rose

Sugar Mat 635 Wisteria

Sugar Mat 639 Golden Mandarin

Sugar Mat 641 Strawberry Pink

Sugar Mat 643 Spring Green


Snow Jam 03 Life is a freeride

Marble Mania 04 Peaches

Denim Wanted 05 Fivepocket grey

Hugs & Kisses LE 03 Crazy in love

Hugs & Kisses LE 01 More than words

Hugs & Kisses LE 02 Dreams for sale

Vintage District 04 Get Arty

Fantasia LE 01 Elves like lilac

Fantasia LE 03 Take a ride on pegasus

Fantasia LE 04 Have you seen my unicorn

Natventurista LE 02 Mother earth is watching you

Natventurista LE 03 Barefoot through the moss

Blossoms etc … LE 02 I like

Blossoms etc … LE 03 My yellow fellow

Black & White LE 01 Make me hold

Creamylicious LE 020 Raspberry smoothie

You rock LE 03 Kings of mints

You rock LE 02 Love, peace and purple

I love Berlin LE 01 Love this city

I love Berlin LE 03 Green Grass

Nail Art Magnetics 03 Magic wand!

Nail Art Magnetics 08 love potion!

colour & go 122 chic reloaded

colour & go 144 black is back

Show your feet 10 in the jungle

Show your feet 17 Lemon sorbet

Metallics LE 05 Metal Battle

Metallics LE 04 Nothing else metals

Metallics LE 05 Copper Rulez!

Twilight breaking dawn part 2 LE 02 Alica had a vision – again

Twilight breaking dawn part 2 LE 01 Jacob’s Protection

Twilight breaking dawn part 2 LE 04 Edward’s love

Ballerina Backstage LE 05 Grand-Plié in Black

Ballerina Backstage LE 02 Wear your little tutu

Return to Paradise LE 01 Jungle Drum

Nails in style 03 Style me love

30 Tropical heat

colour & go 04 Space queen

colour & go 121 Gold forever

colour & go 105 Party princess

colour & go 112 Time for romance

colour & go 139 Walk on the wild side

colour & go 147 miss universe

Nail art twins 01 Louise

Multi Dimension 59Purple Diamond

Multi Dimension 37 Most wanted

Nail art special effect topper 10 Glorious aquarius

Nail art special effect topper 13 mrs and mr glitter

Nail art special effect topper 08 night in vegas

Nail art special effect topper 12 Holo topping, please!

Nail art special effect topper 16 cool Breeze

Nail colour³ 01 Midnight date

Agnés b.:

mini b. B. Miroir!

620 Framboise

1050 Corail insolent

257 Rose du soir

mini b. 40 seconds! Osiris Gold-Grau

mini b. 40 seconds! Skarabäus-Gold

mini b. 40 seconds! Goldrosé

mini b. 40 seconds! Rock & Red!






800 Urban Grey

813 Tonic Blue

217 Sweet strawberry

809 Turquoise Blue


20 Silver

24 Intense Plum


22 Anthrazit Metallic

29 Glitter Silver


Cream Showy


419 High Society

646 Las Vegas


Shade 48 Magical Mocha

46 Tulle Pink

L.A. Colors:

289 Metallic Cooper

286 Metallic Green

288 Metallic Blue

413 Wave Length

276 Purple Glitter


199 Moss!

In between hot & sexy pink!

Douglas Absolute Nails:

Glamorous 14


Supershine 50

Supershine 38

Nail enamel 431

Nail enamel 389

NYX Girls:

Emerald Forest

Mushroom Glitter

Golden Lavender


Hello Kitty Garden green

Envy me


593 blue diamond

589 Ocean in a bottle

585 Anny in the sky

414 Sweet thing

425 Rainbow wonderland

077 It’s just love

535 the show must go on

520 Pillow talk

435 Cinderella

208 Glamour Girl

483 Follow me

481 Out of Space

474 Message in a bottle

472 Timeless love

Yves Rocher:

52 Soleil bleu


92 Luna

Sans Soucis:

40 Pure Velvet


D02 Sparkling Rosa

FD5 French Deluxe


NL8 Natural Brown

Sparkling Effect Polish

003 Pearly Hazelnut

004 Fascinating Grey (Valentine’s Lovebird LE)

056 Coral Shine


114 Pink Passion (Valentine’s Lovebird LE)

124 Golden Brown

139 Let’s make out

167 Golden Season

185 Amazing Nude

208 Nougat Brown

209 Dark Bronze






229 Red Leaves

232 Ice rose

248 Autumn Metallic Style

251 Light coral

267 Fancy Pink (Valentine’s Lovebird LE)

278 Paradise Green

287 Business Grey (Valentine’s Lovebird LE)

290 Magnificent Mauve

297 After Party

300 Black elegance

305 Attractive Nude

306 Picnic in the park

310 Sweet Serenade

311 Love Me

312 Lover’s lullaby

316 Amaze me!

318 First Date

319 Forever Yours

320 Matchmaker

326 Colour me up

327 Some like it hot

328 Spice up your life

330 Free your mind

332 Sky high

333 Dreamcatcher

515 Nightfever


Venedig LE 03 violett



Lovely Blossom

020 Belle Mademoiselle

022 Black Velvet

032 Marvelicious Dream

034 Precious Treasur

038 Russian Roulette

049 Clubbing Reflection

059 Mood Brown

073 Glitter Queen

366 Red Sand

Stiletto 022 Pearly Violet

348 Sunkissed Orange

541 Pretty Ballerina

544 IT Girl on tour

953 Midnight violet

Moon Polish 601 Forbidden Red

Moon Polish 602 Fabulous Silver-Blue

Catch me! LE Enigmatic Poetry

Catch me! LE Sacred Silver


Malaga wine

Lincoln Park after dark

Nothin‘ Mousie ‚bout it

DS Temptation

Touring America – Honk if you love OPI

Touring America – French Quarter for your thoughts

Touring America – My address is „Hollywood“

Touring America – a-taupe the space needle

Germany Collection Ger-minis – Suzi & the 7 Düsseldorfs

Germany Collection Ger-minis – Don’t pretzel my buttons

Germany Collection Ger-minis – Unfor-greta-bly blue

Germany Collection Ger-minis – Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!

Vintage Minnie Minis – I’m all ears

Vintage Minnie Minis – the color of Minnie

Vintage Minnie Minis – If you moust you moust

Dutch treats – Pedal faster Suzi!

Dutch treats – Red Lights ahead… where?

Dutch treats – I have a herring problem

Dutch treats – Kiss me on my tulips


Tea Rose Mist

Jade Maybelline:

Forever Strong 40I Pèche Rosée

mini Colorama 56 Coral Rose


Sharp rosé

Delicious violet



































69 Desert Sunrise


325 Ginster

Leighton Denny:

On the rocks

Blue Lagoon



High Flyer


Up in the air

Gorgeous Grape



Made to measure


Upgrade me


857 Electric light

858 Magnetic Mania



322 Mauve Cashmere

China Glaze:

887 Peace on earth

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